Commercial Roofing Company: 3 Signs You Need One

Commercial Roofing Company: 3 Signs You Need One

As the proud owner of a commercial building, you probably have a lot of concerns that range from the comfort of tenants to the structural integrity of the building. One concern you might struggle with is your roof. Whether it weighs heavy on your mind or you’ve pushed it to the back of your mind, commercial roofs can be huge issues for building owners. If you find yourself dealing with one of the three issues below, then it may be time to hire a commercial roofing company:

1. Your Roof Constantly Leaks

Maybe the roof isn’t exactly gushing water when it rains, but you still have to set a few buckets up around the building to collect the water from the small leaks. Those leaks might be minor issues that just require some small repair work, but they could also be an indication of a major issue. You need a professional commercial roofing company to inspect the roof and any damage it may have sustained over time. If you don’t have a commercial roofing maintenance plan in place, then your roof could be worse than you think. Everything from exposure to the elements to slight structural movements can cause damage to your building’s roof.

2. You’re Building a New Commercial Building

If you’re in the process of or getting ready to start a commercial building project, then you need a commercial roofing company to assist with the build. A roofing company will design a custom roofing system for your project while working with the architects and contractors you’ve already hired. Your contractor may try to build the roofing system themselves, but you’ll want to work with a roofing company specializing in commercial roofs to get the right system for your building project.

3. You’re Using Your Building In a New Way

If your building has changed functions, then you need to reevaluate your roof. Whether you went from a cold storage facility to warm or the opposite, your building’s interior humidity most likely changed, which can cause major problems. High humidity or higher humidity than what your building was built to handle can cause a buildup of condensation, which in turn can cause severe issues for the roof. If you’ve already changed the function of the building, then reach out to a roofing company to have your roof inspected. If you’re still in the process of changing the function, an Indianapolis commercial roofer can help you identify any potential issues with your roof.

Do one of the above issues apply to your roof? Hoosier Contractors would love to provide a free, no obligation inspection for you. If you aren’t sure what to look for in a roofing contractor, then our free ebook, “How to Find the Best Roofing Contractor,” can help you determine what to look for in a commercial roofer and how to find the right professional for the project.