Wahoo Docks

Wahoo Docks can be customized to fit your needs.

Hoosier Contractors’ Wahoo Docks Services

When you discover Wahoo Docks, you’re discovering more than just a dock. You’re discovering a dock built to last for years to come.

Whether it’s for your lakehouse or for your family’s year-round home, no docks can compare to Wahoo Docks. From the classic Single Slip dock to our customized solutions, Hoosier Commercial will install the dock you are looking for. Our professional installers are skilled, experienced and trained to install docks that reflect your lifestyle and come with features to make life even more enjoyable. You want to house your boat somewhere that is just as impressive as the boat while also complementing your home. The experts at Hoosier can help you find that look while delivering excellence and durability.

Interested In Building A Wahoo Dock?

Wahoo Docks Process

From simple docks to two story docks, Wahoo Docks from Hoosier Contractors, has the solution you need.

We’ll Meet to Decide Which Dock Works Best For You

We’ll inspect your dock area and take any necessary measurements.

The Hoosier Commercial team will go beyond just showing you a catalogue with different dock options. We always take the time to get to know our clients. After we discover a little more about you, we’ll be able to help you decide which dock style works best for you and your needs. Keeping your ideas in mind, we’ll evaluate the water, land, and surrounding area to get a better picture of what we’re working with.

We’ll Work On Design Plans

After we meet, our team will start working on first drafts of your dock.

We want your dock to be perfect, so we take the time to draft up plans. Not just of the dock, but of the area. We want you to be happy with the final result, so we’ll show you what the dock will look like in context to the area. Taking everything we discussed into consideration, our experts will draw up the plans that we’ll need to successfully install your new dock.

Wahoo Docks are fully customized for you.
You get to approve the custom plans for your dock.

We Work To Deliver The Perfect Plans

We’ll review our first draft of plans with you and we’ll revise them until you’re satisfied.

Your Wahoo Dock is built to last for years, so we work to make sure you’re happy with the plans before we install it. When the first draft of your dock is complete, we’ll go over the plans with you. If there’s something we missed or something you want added, we’ll revise the plans until they are exactly what you are looking for. 

Your Dock Project Becomes A Success

Your project’s designs and plans will lead to a dock you and your family will love.

Once you’ve approved the dock plans, we’ll work to install the dock, gangway, and any accessories like stairs, kayak racks, and benches. Our goal is to create more than just space for you to store your boat. We want to create a space you and your family love, which is why we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you love your new dock.

Wahoo Docks Layouts

Hoosier Contractors will help you decide which Wahoo Dock layout fits your needs.


Single Slip

Double Slip

Upper Deck

Side Slip


Wahoo Docks Special Features:

Dock Accessories

Dock Components

Dock Furniture

Dock Options

Roof Options

Premium Options

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