Sound Familiar?

Your House Is Your Largest Investment

With so much on the line, we realize that the last thing you want to do is take chances with the roofing materials, quality of craftsmanship, or customer service. You’ll be pleased to know we use high quality materials, which offer the best manufacturer warranties in the roofing industry. Our staff is required to complete extensive training before they deliver services to you and your family.

You Are Probably Not A Roof Expert

New roofs are not something you purchase on a regular basis. It’s difficult to be an expert on something that you have little experience with. We have put together a number of resources on this site to help you get the information you need. The best option is to call us at 317-677-4755 to schedule a time to meet with a roofing professional where you can ask all the questions you would like with no obligation.

Unforeseen Expenses Are Difficult To Swallow

One fact always holds true: there is never a good time for unforeseen expenses. Hoosier Contractors has made significant strides to help in these situations by providing multiple ways to pay via check, credit card, or financing. Most homeowners also have an option for a one year no interest home loans. Did you know you can even finance just your insurance deductible if your roof repair or roof replacement is covered under your policy?

Perhaps You Do Not Know Who To Turn To

You’ll want to speak with a roofing contractor first, before getting insurance involved. Inspections come with no hidden obligations and the roofing contractors at Hoosier Contractors are experts at understanding roofing systems and especially the insurance claims process in its entirety (if you’ve ever dealt with the insurance claims process, you know how frustrating and confusing it can be). Eventually, your insurance company will want to do an inspection, but you will want an expert on your side to help you understand the ins and outs of the policy and to make sure you are getting a fair settlement. Once the insurance company denies a claim, it is much more difficult to get the roof replaced. We are here to help you.

You May Be Confused By The Process

Where do you start? Who do you call? What is the timeframe? When will I have my roof covered by insurance? How much will it cost? Check out our process page for info to help you understand the roof replacement and repair process. We highly encourage you to contact a professional roofing contractor before you even open a claim.  If the claim is not opened properly, it can affect the outcome of your claim.

You Want Options To Upgrade

Did you know a roof can add tremendous value to your home (up to 7-12% increase in value according to the National Realtors Association)? There are a ton of options to maximize the curb appeal of your home by upgrading an often overlooked component of your home. Upgraded shingles, copper accents, and advanced ventilation options will help to ensure your largest investment continues to grow in value. While these upgrades are not covered by insurance, you can add these options for as little as 10% to the job and add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your property.

You Want To Be Sure You Get The Highest Quality And Best Warranty

Roofing warranties are tricky. It’s common to say the shingles have very long warranties maybe even “Lifetime” warranties. The problem is most of those warranties cover only the shingles. Great. But who is going to install them if you use a fly-by-night roofing company? Buy from established companies and read the fine print on the warranty. Roofing warranties have two areas to investigate: the manufacturer’s material warranty and the contractor’s labor warranty. Hoosier Contractors provides a 5 year labor warranty compared to only a 2 year labor warranty from most other contractors.

You Want A Partner You Can Trust

Wow there are a lot of roofing companies when a big storm comes through! It’s amazing. It’s common in the industry to have companies that move in to an area for a very short period of time after a storm to sell as many roofs as possible. Once storm repair is complete, they move to the next storm area. Where does that leave you if you have problems? A better decision is to trust somebody with a local presence that can address roofing needs whenever they arise. There are only a handful of quality LOCAL roofing contractors. Hoosier Contractors is one of the largest in the state of Indiana. It’s important to do your homework: find out where the roofer maintains their office and how many employees they have. Contractors that can’t maintain their staff are unlikely to be in business if problems arise.