Roof Repairs

Have you had recent wind, storm, or hail damage to the roof of your home?

If a storm has blown through your area recently, you may be concerned about potential hail damage to your roof. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the signs of roof damage because if you wait too long to file a claim, your property might incur additional damage that won’t be covered by your insurance.

Here are some signs you may want to sign up for a no-cost roof inspection:

 Have you started seeing roofers in your neighborhood?

 Are you seeing roofing granules in your downspouts?

 Did your car or the trees on your plot sustain damage?

 Do you have water stains on interior ceilings indicating the need for roof repair?

Schedule a no-cost inspection.

Hoosier Contractors Can Help With Several Roof Repair Options.

If you think you are in need of roof repair after your roof sustains hail damage, you’ll want to act fast. The team at Hoosier Contractors is ready to help you. Our dedicated experts can provide a no-obligation roof inspection to determine if your roof has hail damage and if you are in need of roof repairs. If we determine that your roof does need repairs, don’t worry. Our certified claims specialists will help you file the insurance claim to maximize your insurance benefits.

Remember, our team does more than just roofing systems. We can help you recover from other types of storm damage as well. We offer gutter, siding, and window replacement as well as painting services.


We offer complete hail damage roof repair services. We'll start with a roof inspection, we'll help you through the claims process, and we won't rest until we know you love your new roof.


Your gutters and soft metals are just as vulnerable as your shingles, so we offer complete gutter repair and replacement in addition to roofing services for your convenience.


We also offer siding repair and replacement. Often times, when a storm comes through, siding is likely to be damaged in addition to your roofing system.


In the event of a storm, your windows may become damaged. We offer complete window repair so that you can get all of your replacement done with one company.


Roof damage can sometimes cause issues on interior walls. If you have any leaks, we are able to repair and replace your drywall as part of your project.


You may need painting services for drywall, gutters, and more. Instead of going out and finding a separate team of painters, use our friendly team of professionals.

Indianapolis Roofing Company Process

At Hoosier Contractors, we believe in making the hail damage roof repair and roofing repair processes as simple as possible for our customers. Getting your roof replaced (if needed) after it sustains hail damage doesn’t have to be difficult. Here is how our process is different from other Indianapolis roofing contractors:

  • Standard Process

    • Basic Roof Inspection
    • Claims Submission, Minimal Coverage
    • Selecting From Limited Roof Options
    • Basic Installation
    • Limited Final Inspections And Warranties

  • Hoosier Process

    • Detailed Professional Roof Inspection
    • Insurance Claim Submission and Approval
    • Choosing Your New Roof!
    • Your New Roof Installation and Clean Up
    • A Final Inspection and Warranty

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