Solar Solutions That Make Sense

Custom solar arrays and expert installation in Central Indiana

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Residential Solar Installation

End-to-end solar design and installation for Central Indiana homeowners. Take control of your energy costs with a solar system that’s simple to use.

Commercial Solar Installation

Custom solar design for business, commercial, and industrial properties. Cut utility bills and increase your bottom line by making the switch to commercial solar.

$0 Down Solar Program

Reap the benefits of solar without the high upfront cost. Eligible customers get $0 down and no payments due until after installation.

Why Go Solar?

Break free from rising utility bills and start seeing a return on investment in as little as seven years.

Lower Electricity Bills

Generating your own electricity makes you less reliant on the grid and helps you avoid rising electricity rates.

Higher Home Value

Installing solar increases your home value, with homebuyers willing to pay $15,000+ more for solar powered-homes.

Environmentally Friendly

Since solar power is renewable, it significantly reduces your carbon emissions and helps protect the planet.

Tax Incentives

Make switching to solar even more affordable by taking advantage of local and national tax credits.

Energy Independence

Add a battery to your system and store the extra energy you generate, so you can stop relying on the power grid.

Energy Generation in Any Climate

Solar panels can generate enough electricity to power your home, no matter the weather. (Yes, even in Indiana!)

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which absorb heat energy from the sun and create direct current (DC) electricity. The inverter converts DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity to power your home or business. The electricity you don’t use right away gets stored in a battery (if you have one) or flows through your electric meter and out to the grid.

Why Choose Hoosier?

Hoosier Contractors has the experience and connections to make switching to solar simple, whether you need a small residential array or a large commercial installation.

Hoosier vs. Other Solar Installers

Going Solar Is Easy

1. Schedule Site Visit

We visit your property to evaluate your roof, identify the best place to install solar panels, and determine how many panels you need.

2. Review Your Options

We create a custom solar array plan for your property, and go over the installation process and timeline to help you make your decision.

3. Schedule Installation

We install your solar panels, connect the array to your property’s electrical system, and coordinate final steps with your utility provider.

4. Enjoy Energy Independence

Once your system is inspected and connected to the grid, you start powering your property with clean, renewable energy from the sun.