Your roof may be in trouble, and you may not realize it.

Many people go for years without acknowledging roof damage. The problem is that some insurance companies won’t cover a roofing job that has damage as a result of negligence. What does that mean? It’s better to be safe than sorry. Now is a good time to educate yourself about the warning signs of roof damage so that you can maximize your insurance benefits and protect your property when damage does occur.


Any weight on your roof above 20 pounds per square inch can cause roof damage.



Even 4 inches of ice on your roof is enough to cause significant roof damage.



Winds that are 45 mph or stronger are able to cause damage to your roof.

National Weather Service


Hail that is 5/8 of an inch causes damage to most roofs; that's less than 1 inch.

Clues You Need A Roof Repair Or Replacement

Hail damage roofing Storm repair

Was there recently a storm in your area?

Whether it was a strong thunderstorm, a tornado, or a hail storm, you’ll want to learn more about how the storm could have affected your roof.

You see roofers in your neighborhood.

If you are seeing other houses in your neighborhood getting roof repairs, it’s a good clue that you need to get yours evaluated, too.

Your car or your trees have storm damage.

Are you seeing dents on the hood of your car? If a recent storm was strong enough to cause car damage, it was strong enough to cause roof damage.

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You see granules in your downspouts.

Have you been wondering about the roofing granules that keep washing down from the roof? This is a classic sign of roof damage.

Repair roof

Your area has recently gotten a lot of snow and ice.

Snow and ice put stress on a roof, which supports 20 pounds per square inch. If your roof has been laden with snow, it’s time to get it checked.

Water Damage Repair

Your ceiling suddenly has a growing water stain.

If you are suddenly seeing water damage on your ceiling inside, beware. Your roof could be leaking from storm damage.

Get a no-obligation inspection to see if your roof has damage.