Beating The Heat: Cool Roof Shingles

Beating The Heat: Cool Roof Shingles

The winter months in Indiana can be brutal. From the snow and ice to the below zero temperatures and wind chills, we all end up spending our evenings dreaming of the warm Spring and Summer months. But, even those months in Indiana can be a little tough to handle. The hot Summer days are taxing on all of us, even our homes. The Indianapolis roofing contractors at Hoosier Roof know it’s not summertime, just yet, but we’re gearing up for the season and want to help you prepare for it, too.

The air is already starting to feel warmer and the nights aren’t as cold, so with higher temperatures on their way, how can you beat the heat this summer? With cool roof shingles from Hoosier Contractors! These cool roof shingles are specifically designed to help you save on energy bills and stay cool when the sun is beating down in the middle of August.

Here is what Cool Roof Shingles can do for you and your home:

Reduce Air Conditioning Bills: When you keep your roof cooler, your air conditioner won’t be forced to constantly run, which in turn means you won’t be spending as much money keeping your home comfortable.

  • Improve Air Conditioner Longevity: Using your air conditioner less frequently means you won’t be as hard on the unit as you would be otherwise. In the long-run, this will save you money as well because you won’t be forced to replace the unit as frequently.
  • Keep Your Home More Comfortable: With cool roof shingles, you’ll keep the inside of your home cooler and all of your family members and friends cooler and happier.
  • Avoid Using Your Air Conditioner: You probably won’t get away with never using your air conditioner, but you’ll probably be able to avoid using it early in the hot season.
  • Extend The Life Of Your Roof: Darker roofs absorb heat, which can, in turn, cause more stress. The more stress on your shingles, the shorter its lifespan. Lighter cool roof shingles mean less stress and longer life.


The heat in Indiana may not be as extreme as in other areas of the country, but it can still be overbearing, especially in the middle of Summer. One of the best ways to avoid that heat and keep your home comfortable is by having a professional roofing contractor, like Hoosier Contractors, install cool roof shingles on your roof.

If you’re ready to keep your home cool, then we’d love to visit your home and provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation roofing inspection. We’ll help you determine the best shingles for your home and the right course of action for keeping your home cool in the summer.