Indianapolis Roofing Contractors: The Dangers of Ice Damming

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors: The Dangers of Ice Damming

With winter just around the corner, you’re probably preparing for the snow and the colder temperatures. For many, the idea of snow blanketing their yard, driveway and home is exciting. It’s almost nostalgic to think about the snow slowly falling, but falling snow also comes with some Indianapolis roofing contractors can help you repair your roof after ice damming and keep it from happening again.pretty concerning issues. Some of the more obvious concerns are icy roads, white out conditions, and falling temperatures. But, Indianapolis roofing contractors want you to be aware of another issue: ice damming.

What Exactly Is Ice Damming?

Essentially, ice damming happens when a ridge of ice forms on the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining. While the snow on your roof may look really pretty, it could be causing serious damage to your roof and roofing system. Typically, ice dams form when snow starts to melt because of poor insulation in the ceiling of a home. Heat escapes through the roof, melts the snow while the temperatures are still below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and then ice forms as the melted snow reaches a cooler spot on the roof.

Physical Dangers of Ice Damming

While ice damming may not seem like a serious issue, it can actually cause physical harm. Because ice dams are usually large sheets of ice, when they fall they can cause injuries to anyone standing under them. Everything from head trauma to severe cuts have been reported from falling ice dams.

Water Leakage from Ice Damming

Another major concern associated with ice damming is water leaks. When melting snow can’t properly drain, it will seek out a path that offers less resistance. Usually, this means moving between your roof’s shingles and into your home. Water leakage can cause underlayment and roof decking to rot, which compromises the strength of your home’s roofing system. Not to mention, the moisture built up in insulation and roof decking rot can cause mold to form, which can result in serious harm to your family’s health. Indianapolis roofing contractors can help minimize these issues by inspecting your roof and locating problem areas that may cause leaks. 

Dealing With Ice Damming

Indianapolis roofing contractors can help you deal with the dangers of ice damming a number of different ways. The first is by inspecting the current state of your roof. Before the snow and ice start falling this year, Hoosier Contractors can perform a detailed, no cost inspection of your roof to look for signs of previous damage and evaluate your potential vulnerabilities in the future. If your roof had ice dams in the past, then our experts will be able to help with roof repair services and replace shingles and roof decking to make sure you’re ready for the coming winter.

Are you ready to get your home prepared for the winter? Hoosier Contractors is here to help keep you, your family, and your home safe. Let us know when a no cost, no obligation roof inspection would be best for you.